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But I, and probably anyone who     married for 64 blessed years. All
           knew him very well at all, would   the while, Mama Hinds was the
           readily concede that his greatest   picture of the faithful, loving wife
           asset was, unquestionably, his     who never stopped admiring,
           wife. The two ended up being       supporting, and believing in her
                                              They were truly an unstoppable
                                              team, all the way up to my
                                              father’s passing in 2018.

                                              And recently, the powerful unity
                                              of their influence has become
                                              memorialized in the naming of
                                              the recent addition to the music
                                              building on the LCU campus, the
                                              Wayne and Yvonne Hinds Music

                                              But happily, the story doesn’t
                                              end there. Another Mama Hinds
                                              has arisen in our midst, another   many families. Eventually, there
                                              woman who embodies all that        was the formation of Christ In The
                                              that designation has come to mean   Arts, a local dramatic dance studio
                                              since it was first coined decades   that continues to flourish to this
                                              ago.                               day and produces major, original
                                                                                 dramatic works that fill the Civic
                                              She, too, is an unstoppable force   Center theater twice a year.
                                              for good wherever she is. She, too,
                                              works predominantly behind the     From the smallest endeavor to the
                                              scenes and makes everything she    largest, this younger Mama Hinds
                                              touches happier, more productive,   continues to do what my elderly
                                              more relationally connected. She,   mama has always done – take care
                                              too, loves everyone and makes      of people and help out in any way
                                              each one feel at home.             that’s needed, being a continual
                                                                                 rock of support day after day, year
                                              She is ready to help at the drop   after year.
                                              of a hat, changing her plans in an
                                              instant, as the need arises. She has   But one thing that is unique to
                                              taken on a variety of roles over   Dana and has been a continual
                                              the years, but in all of them, she is   source of special help to our
                                              truly and obviously “mama”.        family’s many productions, is
                                                                                 her ability as a seamstress. If I
                                              I speak, of course, of my own wife,   were to try to count how many
                                              Dana Brown Hinds. And she has      costumes she has either partially
                                              done all the above while helping to   or completely created, it would
                                              raise our seven children.          be a very large number indeed.
                                                                                 In fact, in the early days of our
                                              It so happened that our kids,      productions, most, if not all the
                                              early on, had this desire to tell   beautiful dresses you would see
                                              significant stories through any    on the stage were her works of art,
                                              dramatic means possible. At first,   a real labor of love that entailed
                                              it was simple, home-grown plays    many, many hours (for which she
                                              with friends, just for parents. Later,   was never paid).
                                              it was larger productions involving

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