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                                     She has a lot of other
                                     abilities as well, not
                                     the least being her
                                     natural ability to relate
                                     to anyone, including
                                     total strangers.
                                     (Another number
                                     I’ll never be able to
                                     calculate is how many
                                     people have been in
                                     the audience of one
                                     of our productions
                                     simply because Dana
                                     contacted them

          Above all, it is her buoyant, joyful, energetic
          spirit that “always believes, always hopes, always
          endures” that has made the biggest difference in the
          lives of all of us whom she has blessed and served
          over the years. It is her presence, as much as her
          work, that has had such a profound influence.

          As I think back over the influence that both of
          these women have had, how much they made
          possible by their willing service, what they have
          done to make others shine, and how much would
          have been missed had their places been vacant, it
          is profoundly humbling. I know that, if my father
          were still present with us, he would wholeheartedly
          join me in praising both of our wives who made
          life so much richer, so much better, and so much
                                      more fruitful than it
                                      otherwise could ever
                                      have been.

                                                    GIFT IDEAS
                                                                  The Gift of Shared Memories
                                                •  Family history is especially precious to the ones in your family who have experienced it the longest.
                                                  Do a little research and create a Family History Journal or a Family Tree to frame for your elders.
                                                •  Photos are incredibly precious when they capture a happy memory. Print off a dozen (or a hundred)
                                                  of your favorites and make a photo album that will bring the joy back with every nostalgic glance.

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