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         Lubbock Senior Link Magazine is a quarterly publication distributed in   LOCAL LEGENDS
         Lubbock and the surrounding areas. Visit for
                       distribution maps and past editions.                   7    the legacy of Mama Hinds
      PUBLISHER                     EDITORS                                   10   don't forget that we love you!
      Erin Agee                     Jane Bromley                                   Joyce Arterburn
                                    Marilyn Garrett                           14   happy 50th anniversary Raider Red!
      COVER PHOTOGRAPHY                                                       66   Paul R. Beane
      Brady Miller                                                                 the colorful character from
      Brad Agee                     DESIGN                                         Stumptoe
      STAFF                                       LOCAL HISTORY
      Jim Bromley
                                                                              16   Texas Tech Alumni Association
                                                                                   changing with the times

      CONTRIBUTORS                                                            38   slaton's historic Harvey House
      Erin Agee, Randall Hinds, Don Arterburn, Jane Bromley, Bruce Bills,
      Jean Ann Cantore, Gene Shelburne, Barbara Schoenrock, Virginia Cagle,   EXCEPTIONAL SENIORS
      Eric Creel, Bear Mills, Gayle Willson, Sydney Wenglein, Ron Cox, Kristi
      Townsen, Nancy McClendon, Barbara Mandry, Lee Franks, Sharmai           12   "professional" Saddle Tramp
      Ham, Larry Williams, Ted and Jody Wilson, Mary Kay McCauley Stone,           Jim Douglass
      LaVila Henry, Rachel Bloodworth, Jess Peterson                          20   Odell Farr
                                                                                   the carpenter's son
                                                                              24   Marie Evans
             ABOUT THE COVER                                                       "retired not expired!"
                          Winter 2021
                LUBBOCK        Our cover is graced with five                  27   the remarkable Geneva Boren
                               of the area’s most beloved and
              HONORING SENIORS                                                32   Randy Gallaway
                               inspirational women: Erika                          legacy of a world changer
                               Shuman, Joyce Arterburn, Marie
                               Evans, Yvonne Hinds, and Geneva                40   torch 2021 caregiver of the year
              Celebrating the  Boren. Enchanted Interiors                          Shawna Nale
              Legacy     Book Reviews
              of some of Lubbock's Leading Ladies  Recipes
                         Word Search  (located in KK’s Corner Mall)           43   Betty Unfred
              Exceptional Seniors  Resources
                         Gift Ideas
              Raider Red’s 50th Anniversary  & More!                               yankee in the cotton patch
              Local Legend  FREE  provided the beautiful backdrop.
              Paul R. Beane  Please Take One
             WINTER 2021
                                                                              46   Bebe Robinson
        Copyright 2021 Lubbock Senior Link Magazine. All rights reserved. Every effort is made   a legacy of excellence
        to ensure the accuracy of all published material. We reserve the right to reject or edit all
          material contributed. Your letters and comments are welcomed and encouraged.   49   Dean & Erika Shuman
                                                                                   a good fit
                    Want the next issue                                       54   Pat Ham
                                                                                   loving lubbock and giving back
                      in your mailbox?                                        59   Fred & Gwen Willis
                    SUBSCRIBE!                                                     committed, devoted and thriving
                   $6.25 PER ISSUE, $25 PER YEAR                              64   Bud Lovell
                                                                                   a song in his heart
           For advertising information or to subscribe, call/email
                (806) 441-3955                    TRAVEL

                            Mail inquiries to                                 22   experience Poland this
                   4813 103rd St, Lubbock, TX 79424                                spring with the Lubbock
                                                                                   Chamber of Commerce


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