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               The end of a calendar year always stirs up memories for me. Looking back a
               year or so, I was reminded of my assessment of 2020 and COVID and all the
               restrictions we faced.  The one thing I did appreciate back then was the slower   the
               pace. As the mom of four busy girls, I remember how nice it was to be home
               together, enjoying things like puzzles and sidewalk chalk greetings.  But when   publisher
               things opened back up, we hit the ground running and haven’t stopped. I
               wanted to hold on to that slower pace, but instead, it seems as if I have just
               attempted to make up for lost time.

               However, I hope that all of us can find some time to
               curl up and enjoy Senior Link Winter 2021. The staff
               is already saying (again) that this issue will surely be
               one of our favorites.  Many of our featured seniors
               are local legends, but every one of our honorees has
               a fascinating story.
               We have chosen to grace the cover with some
               of Lubbock’s loveliest ladies, but this issue also
               includes several men who have made an impact
               on our community. We have two veterans and two
               sweet love stories. There’s an educator, a preacher,
               and a farmer’s wife, along with entrepreneurs,
               philanthropists, and an inspiring story of an amputee/
               humanitarian. And don’t miss the history of Texas
               Tech’s own Raider Red and Slaton’s famous Harvey
               It is also great fun for us that several of the articles
               are surprises. We can only imagine the thrill of
               presenting this issue to an unsuspecting honoree,
               surrounded by family, around the Thanksgiving table.
               It is always in season to honor someone, especially
               at this time of year and during this period in history.
               Honor, respect, good will, and gratefulness are some
               of the greatest gifts we can give. With that in mind, we came up with ideas that are inexpensive (and
               local) that express gratitude and honor. Look for these suggestions throughout the magazine designated
               by a gift box.

               At the beginning of my eighth year as owner of Senior Link, I also want to express thanks to you, our
               readers. It is your ideas, input, and suggestions that help us grow and improve. We appreciate each of you.

               As you navigate another holiday season, we pray that you find time to savor the value of relationships
               with your family and friends. Slow down and listen to the conversation and the stories. Memorize the
               smiles. Bask in the good will. Say, “I love you.”  ‘Tis the season, not just the winter, but throughout the
               year ahead, to enjoy and appreciate each one in your circle as a precious gift.
                                                                                                Erin Agee

                                       The Mission of Senior Link

                        Our mission is to tell the stories of local seniors, not only to honor them,
                      but also to inspire and challenge younger generations. We endeavor to link
                      seniors with the resources they need to ensure quality of life. We believe in
                       the strength of the chain, in linking with one another, and in linking all of
                       us to information which can enhance our lives. We recognize the value of
                                  every season of life and the uniqueness of every story.
                                  Senior Link’s mission rests in the power of connection.
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