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           family member in an individual and unique
           way as she did with her students. She often
           collects things during the year that remind
           her of someone in the family or a friend of
           hers whom she thinks will be encouraged by
           the personal meaning behind the gift. One
           of her special friends is Shelly who does her
           hair twice a week. They have a special bond,
           and Shelly is one of the sweetest people on
           earth. Many friends from First Baptist Church
           Lubbock still enjoy spending time with Joyce.
           She and Jr. taught Sunday School in the high
           school and college ministry for over 50 years.
           Her smile and ability to connect with students
           served the church well throughout those years.

           Joyce believes in the power of prayer and often
           lifts people up through her care and concern. She
           goes the extra step of praying God’s best protection
           and provision of love for them. Her voice carries
           emotion and intensity for whomever she is praying.
           Some of the most meaningful moments of family
           meals are when we hear her pray for “this time
           we have to be together.” She inspires others to
           know God in a personal and intimate way. As a
           role model and leader, she has many followers and
           admirers. As the founding sponsor of the spirit
           organization “High Riders” at Tech, she inspired
           many people to care about and support women’s
           athletics. Like her father, in his role as principal, she
           functioned as part social worker, counselor, medical
           advisor, and friend. High Rider alums still come
           by to visit her and celebrate the beautiful life she
           continues to share with them.
           She passed on her teaching skills, her love for Jr.
           and their family, and her investment in the church,
           and she continues to pass on her genuine faith
           to anyone who will listen and learn. If you know
           Joyce, I am sure the parting words from her would
           be, “Don’t forget that I love you!”

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