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            Joyce Arterburn

         by Don Arterburn                                                                after the game because his
                                                                                         parents had driven in from
                                                                                         Ranger to watch the game,
                                                                                         and this gave them a car to
             oyce Arterburn started early     She generally talked quietly, even   use for a date. When she finished
             becoming a specialist in         in front of a large classroom, so her   her undergraduate degree, she
          Jeducation. Her parents were        students paid particular attention to   moved to Denver, Colorado for her
          teachers: her father was a principal   what she was about to say. She was             first teaching job.
          back when the job was part social   flexible but fair                                 Jr. went to play
          worker, pastor, banker, and medical   in her approach                                 football for the
          advisor, and her mom taught first   to teaching and                                   Chicago Cardinals,
          grade for decades. Joyce started first   considered it her                            and they ended up
          grade but moved to Denver City,     fault if someone                                  back at Tech after
          skipped a couple of grades and was   wanted to make                                   getting married.
          placed in a third-grade class. Her   a good grade and                                 They built a house
          teachers and best friend were very   came up short.                                   close to campus,
          helpful, but she struggled to keep   She joked that her                               and they were the
          up and make such a big transition.   tombstone should                                 last house on that
          She must have determined then       read “She Died                                    side of the city for a
          that it was important to consider   Trying!” because                                  while. She still lives
          the unique situation of each student   she always put                                 in that house and
          in a classroom because this was     such great effort                                 has lots of flowers
          her superpower for close to fifty   into her craft.                                   that she watches
          years of teaching. "Ms. Art" won                                                      over with care.
          teaching awards and the favor       This past Oct. 9,
          of thousands of students in her     when Texas Tech                                   Joyce also watches
          Elementary Methods of Teaching      played TCU, it                                    over her three
          Physical Education classes at Texas   marked the 70th anniversary of    children and their families. She
          Tech. Her favorite prompt was, “I   her first date with Jr. Arterburn.   has eight grandchildren and three
          want you to know”, and she still has   He was the quarterback of the    great-grandchildren. “Memaw”
          a wonderful way of conveying her    first Tech team to beat TCU. They   is a natural and has the same
          thoughts to anyone ready to listen.   were able to go on a double date   superpower of connecting with each

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