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LOCAL LEGENDS                                   LOCAL LEGENDS



 It’s Never Too Late.  of

 “At 72 years old, I have just    Mama Hinds
 recently begun my LCU journey.

 I recommend Lubbock Christian    By Randall Hinds

 University to any student just
              hey called her                       cooked meal to personal
 coming out of high school    Mama Hinds,          counseling to some simple
         Tand for very                             encouragement.  She seemed
 or a person who, like me,    good reasons.  Ever   to have a solution for every
         since my father joined                    need.  Emblematic of her
 is continuing their education.    the Lubbock Christian   perpetual resourcefulness
         College faculty in                        was the large, multi-purpose,
 This school is meant for you.    its inaugural year   all-inclusive purse she
         of 1957, my mom                           regularly carried with her.
 “Go Chaps!”   became a sort of                    Other than the proverbial
         surrogate mother for                      kitchen sink, most anything
 — MILTON LEE    many young men                    else could be found in that
    Current LCU Student   and women who            purse.
         sang in his choruses
         each year.  And after a while, that   And all this she did while raising
         name caught on and was being used   five children of her own.
         around the school and elsewhere.
                                             Mama Hinds always seemed
         Yvonne (Mama) Hinds wasn’t the      untiring to me.  In fact, in all my
         director for a musical group, rarely   growing-up years, I can hardly recall
         spoke publicly, and almost always   a time when I saw her sitting down,
 Milton knows it’s never too late to finish your degree or start something new.    served behind the scenes.  But very   doing something she wanted to do   All the while, her husband (Brother
                                             or just resting.  My main childhood
         few who were associated with the
 A retired employee of the U.S. Post Office and the current NAACP President,    school or with our family in any   memory of her is in the kitchen.  So   Hinds, or later, after getting his PhD,
 Milton took advantage of the opportunity during this time in his life to pursue a college    way, would not very quickly see   many hours in the kitchen!  And   Dr. Hinds) was gaining notoriety
 degree. Join Milton and continue your own education or start a new academic journey at   that she had an incredibly effective   when I think back now about how   because of his special influence at
                                             tight the family budget always was
                                                                                 school and abroad through teaching
 Lubbock Christian University. Our friendly Admissions staff is waiting to help you!  way of being supportive in any   during those years, it’s amazing to   and choral conducting.  His own
                                             me how well we were able to eat     unique gifts made him much
         As a mother-figure, she could       every day.  Supper especially was   beloved and appreciated by more
         handle any situation that might     a well-rounded meal that almost     people than I would dare try to
         come up.  In those early days,      always included dessert, often a pie   count, and much could be, and has
         college students would come to our   or cake she had made that afternoon.    been, said in praise of his life and
         house for everything, from a home-                                      work.
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