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           at the Century level
           – $100 per year. This
           year the TTUAA
           has unveiled the
           1923 Society. (1923
           is the year Texas
           Technological College
           was born.) The new
           designation will offer
           some special perks
           for members, and the
           exclusive society can
           be had for the price
           of “three Starbucks
           a month” according
           to Jim. In fact, he
           put a pencil to it,
           and discovered that
           “$1000 divided by 52
           weeks equals $19.23.
           Who wouldn’t want
           to give that small
           amount, knowing
           how much it would help” to their alma mater? Jim
           smiles when he says, “1923/$19.23. I think it’s a God

           It might sound like Jim Douglass wouldn’t have
           much time for a life outside of Texas Tech, but he
           and his wife Patti are well-known as community
           advocates. Jim serves on the UMC Foundation
           Board and the Civic Lubbock, Inc. Board. He is
           chairman of the Catholic Foundation of the South
           Plains Board and active in SW Lubbock Rotary. In
           addition to being active in his church, he is an ATO
           advisor and involved in TTU’s Friends of Music.
           Patti, a former member of The Goin’ Band, was head
           of the Texas Tech Visitors Center but has recently
           begun work on her PhD in the College of Media and
           Communication. “She’s a lifelong learner,” Jim says
           of his wife of 30 years. Between them, Jim and Patti
           have a son, two daughters, two sons-in-law, and
           three “perfect” grandchildren. Son Russ serves in the
           US Air Force.

           Texas Tech is fortunate to have someone like Jim
           Douglass at the reins of Development for their vast
           alumni network. In fact, it would be hard to imagine
           anyone else in the role. The “professional Saddle
           Tramp” has been promoting Tech for five of his
           seven decades, and his enthusiasm for the university
           continues to be as much an asset as Bangin’ Bertha.

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