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           Weldon Laird

           A Family Man

                                                     By: Ryan Fullerton

                  s the youngest child of     are the reason for writing this
                  a family who lives in a     article about him. I could not ask   acquired an engineering degree at
          Asuburban area, it is safe          for a better role model.           Texas A&M and later reengineered
          to say that I do not get out much.                                     five parts of the cotton gin, making
          I go to church on Sundays, go to    His childhood was nowhere near     it more efficient. He proceeded to
          school on weekdays, and rest on     as comfortable as mine. Whether    obtain a patent for each of the parts
          Saturdays. Our schedules seem to    losing a sibling at an early age or   that he constructed. When I asked
          follow a repetition which can get   walking a mile to attend a one-    him about the greatest achievement
          tiring. My grandfather, Weldon      room school or working on cotton   in his life, I had assumed that he
          Laird, seems to be immune from      farms as a child, he did not have   would tell me about his patents,
          this curse. He always seems to be   the easiest early life. He worked   but I was too naive in my thinking.
          at the  pinnacle of happiness. As   throughout his school years and    My grandfather’s attention never
          an outsider looking in, I can only   continued working while in college.   focused on the prestige that his
          wonder where his unshakable will    He would participate in classes,   achievements could bring him,
          comes from.                                          then go to work   but instead, the nucleus of his
          Is it God?                                           once he had       life was his family. He did not
          Family?                                              finished. The     even have to think about his
          Friends?                                             biggest thing     answer. It was always his greatest
          Turns out,                                           he emphasized,    accomplishment.
          it is all the                                        when he was
          above! He                                            recalling his     Weldon possesses a servant’s
          has every                                            story to me,      heart. He always puts others
          reason to be                                         was that God      before himself and cares for them
          joyful, and                                          was prevalent     immensely. Every Sunday before
          his joy is                                           throughout his    service, he stands outside the door
          intoxicating.                                        life. He would    which leads into the auditorium
          One conversation is all it takes, and                find time to      and hands out bulletins to all the
          your day suddenly has brightened.   complete a Bible study when he     passersby while exchanging a
          His resolve, behavior, mindset, and   could because he knew what the   quick greeting with them. During
          so many other positive attributes   most important thing was. He       communion, he always assists with

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