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         Lubbock Senior Link Magazine is a quarterly publication distributed in
         Lubbock and the surrounding areas. Visit for
                       distribution maps and past editions.                    SENIOR 2 SENIOR
      PUBLISHER                     EDITORS
      Erin Agee                     Jane Bromley                               9     Weldon Laird
                                    Marilyn Garrett                                  a family man
      Brad Agee                                                                12    Allen Doggett
                                    DESIGN                                           a well-built life
      STAFF                         Promofuse                                  14    James Lowell Vinson
      Jim Bromley                                        "big at the base"

                                                                               16    Carolyn Mason
      CONTRIBUTORS                                                                   recommendations for life
      Erin Agee, Ryan Fullerton, Sydney Norman, Leah Vinson, JoAnna            18    Ed Cooper
      McAdams, Riley Cooper, Lyndee Jo Stamps, Jane Bromley, Makyla
      Mendoza, Emma Cartwright, Carmen Petty, Marissa Wallace, Bryson                a star in my eyes
      Stone, Brinley Waight, Aidan McDonald, Dianna Soto, Hannah Cirilo,       20    Darla Dunn
      Anna Kizer, Brieyanah Session, Lee Franks, Katherine McLamore,
      Sydney Wenglein, Mabry Payne, Chanda Allen, Ted and Jody Wilson,               still making a difference
      Larry Williams, Scott Caldwell, Gayle Willson, Richard Houston, Laura    24    the lasting impact of THE
      Landes, Nancy Ormon, Rachel Bloodworth, Vickie Walters, Taylor
      Sutton (United Marketstreet), Barbara Mandry                                   Ernestina Salazar
                                                                               26    Zandra Cartwright
             ABOUT THE COVER                                                         living with purpose

                          Spring 2022
                LUBBOCK        Area high school seniors                        29    Trey Gossett
                               gathered at the American
              HONORING SENIORS                                                       teaching the art of living
                               Windmill Museum where they
                               were recognized along with                      30    Mario Aguirre
                               the mentors they honored                              passionate percussionist, proud
                               with essays for our annual                            principal, mighty tiger
                        Book reviews  generation-linking issue.
              17  Area High School Seniors  Recipes                            32    Bryan Reynolds
               Honor Their Mentors
              Remembering Local Hero  INSPIRATION FREE
              Stephen Starch  & More  Please Take One
                                                                                     led by a legend
             SPRING 2022
        Copyright 2022 Lubbock Senior Link Magazine. All rights reserved. Every effort is made   34   Ricardo Martinez
        to ensure the accuracy of all published material. We reserve the right to reject or edit all
          material contributed. Your letters and comments are welcomed and encouraged.   if I had a moment with my grandpa
                                                                               36    Robert Conkin
                    Want the next issue                                              a tribute to my papa
                      in your mailbox?                                         38    Cecilia Quezada
                    SUBSCRIBE!                                                       overwhelming strength

                          $30/yr - four issues                                 40    Nancy Turner
                                                                                     keeping it real
           For advertising information or to subscribe, call/email
                (806) 441-3955                     42    admiration
                                                                                     for Susan Fain Schumacher
                            Mail inquiries to                                  44    Demetra Wilburn
                   4813 103rd St, Lubbock, TX 79424                                  overcomer


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