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In Memoriam

                                                           Major General Edgar Murphy,
                                                           U.S. Army, Retired

                                                                                 and supported as always by his
                                                                                 wife Ann, Edgar began a second
                                                                                 “career” as a tireless advocate for
                                                                                 Veterans.  Through his efforts,
                n 2009, Lieutenant General                                       Lubbock obtained a new, larger
                Bernie Mittemeyer, M.D.,                                         and more efficient Guard &
             Igathered three fellow                                              Reserve Training Center, which
             retired Army generals to form                                       is appropriately named in his
             a committee to advocate for a                                       honor. The Veteran’s Health
             larger and more robust Veterans’                                    Clinic is another testament to
             Health Clinic for South Plains                                      his advocacy, and at the time of
             Veterans, and a key person        asked to provide a few words      his passing, he was working to
             in that successful effort was     in his memory for this Veteran’s   obtain a Veteran’s Cemetery for
             Edgar Murphy.  As fate would      Edition. I am honored to do so.   Lubbock and the South Plains.
             have it, General Murphy was                                         When General Edgar Murphy
             promoted to glory after a battle   Edgar Murphy was born in         passed, area soldiers and
             with pancreatic cancer only two   March 1935.  A Texas Tech         Veterans lost one of their greatest
             days before the ribbon cutting    graduate, he joined the Texas     friends and advocates, but his
             for the new Lubbock VA Health     Army National Guard as a young    legacy of service will live on.
             Clinic, for which he had worked   man and commanded units           We who served with him salute
             for twelve years.  However, his   at every level, culminating in    him, and we thank him for his
             passing did not diminish his      being selected for promotion to   friendship and his extraordinary
             significant contributions to this   Major General and command       service to our nation and its
             success, as well as other Veteran’s   of the 49th Armored Division   Veterans.
             causes.                           – essentially the entire combat
                                               force of the Texas Army Guard.    With Respect,
             Because, in addition to being     A dedicated Christian whose       Walter B. Huffman, Major
             my friend and close colleague     life’s work was guided by his     General, U.S. Army, Retired.
             over the last twelve years,       faith, Edgar’s life of service had
             Captain Edgar Murphy was my       only begun.  After his retirement
             first Commander when I was a      from the Texas National Guard,
             new Second Lieutenant, I was

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