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for our Veterans when he said: “This building isn’t
            just a house of healing for our wounded warriors; it is
            a monument of courage. It is a symbol of the ultimate
            sacrifice, and it is a sober reminder that freedom isn’t

                Our Special Thanks

                On 27 May 2010, the Lubbock City Council passed
                a resolution, signed by Mayor Tom Martin, to
                support the new VA Clinic. U.S. Senator John
                Cornyn and then U.S. Congressman Randy
                Neugebauer were instrumental in gaining
                approval, working to provide funding for the new
                Super Clinic, along with Chairman of the House
                Veterans Affairs Committee, Congressman Jeff
                The Texas Tech Health Sciences Center was very
                supportive of the efforts for a new VA Super
                Clinic, and Dr. Tedd Mitchell became an important
                contributor to the efforts of the committee, offering
                support and enthusiasm for a new VA Clinic near               Texas South Plains
                the Health Sciences Center that would benefit both
                Texas Tech and the Veterans of the area.                            War Stories

                The contractor and team who built the Lubbock
                Super Clinic did an outstanding job. Also, our                Interviews with Veterans
                compliments and congratulations for a “job
                well done” go to the U.S. Federal Properties of                   from World War II
                Kansas City, MO and to Jacobsen Construction                         to Afghanistan
                Company of Salt Lake City and their teams and
                subcontractors for their exceptional work. From
                groundbreaking to ribbon cutting, construction                 by LARRY A. WILLIAMS
                took only 19 months.
                                                                            and KATHERINE MCLAMORE
                General Mittemeyer said, “The Veterans will see
                the Lubbock VA Super Clinic as theirs! They will
                be in a facility that will honor their service to our
                country and where they are appreciated!”                      Documenting recollections from
                                                                             survivors of World War II, Korea,
                The VA Rural Health Committee is not done! We
                are moving forward with the Veterans Cemetery                 Vietnam and other conflicts—all
                that General Edgar Murphy was working on for                   residents of the Texas Panhan-
                Lubbock. The Lubbock City Council has offered                dle—this book presents narratives
                three sites that have been approved by our
                committee and by the Texas Veterans Commission.                from men and women whose
                Our next step is to be considered and reviewed by             young lives, for good or ill, were
                the Veterans Administration in Washington, D.C.
                for approval and funding.                                     defined by their participation in
                                                                             warfare in service to their country.
                As long as there are Veterans, we hope our fellow
                citizens will continue to support efforts to honor
                and care for them.
                                                                                  Ebook 978-1-4766-4212-3

                 The address for the new VA Clinic is 3410 4th        
                Street, Lubbock 79415. Call for information and
                        appointments: 806-472-3436.                             Orders 800-253-2¡87

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