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               I learned a valuable lesson when I was in high school that has been the
               foundation of my vision and mission for Senior Link.  My life was deeply
               impacted by a one-hour interview with an elderly relative. If we can get    the
               youth to sit and listen to the stories of our older generations, record them,
               and share them – they will retain them and ultimately pass them on to future   publisher
               generations. The benefits are incalculable. Relationships are built, memories
               are made, and lessons on family values are established. Young people grow,
               and the chain is strengthened.
               Another possible outcome is emotional healing.
               Many seniors are lonely and often feel marginalized
               and invisible. All humans benefit when someone
               takes the time to listen to their unique stories, but
               seniors especially thrive when they are asked to
               share the wisdom they have accumulated over the
               course of many decades. Both the listener and the
               storyteller profit in the process.
               That goal is the essence and the value of our
               annual “Senior to Senior” edition.  Seventeen area
               students have taken the time to sit at the feet of
               grandparents, teachers, mentors, and friends to
               hear their stories and share them. Relationships that
               were already established have grown even deeper,
               and life lessons have been cemented.

               I must thank ABC Bank for coming alongside us
               and helping make this edition happen. They went
               above and beyond to help us host a banquet and
               give each student a small scholarship to thank
               them for their participation.  Also, I want to thank
               the American Windmill Museum for graciously stepping up to partner with us. Both organizations
               generously demonstrated the importance of investing in “the strength of the chain”.
               As we continue in this season of a pandemic, the cost of printing has gone up over 30%. We rely on our
               advertisers now more than ever to make Senior Link happen.  Please make a point to thank them.  And
               if your business likes what we do, please consider partnering with us in the next issue.  As Tamara Hall
               from The American Windmill Museum said, “We all benefit when we help each other out.”

                                                                                                Erin Agee

                                       The Mission of Senior Link

                        Our mission is to tell the stories of local seniors, not only to honor them,
                      but also to inspire and challenge younger generations. We endeavor to link
                      seniors with the resources they need to ensure quality of life. We believe in
                       the strength of the chain, in linking with one another, and in linking all of
                       us to information which can enhance our lives. We recognize the value of
                                  every season of life and the uniqueness of every story.
                                  Senior Link’s mission rests in the power of connection.
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