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Veteran Stories

                                                                            In  this  issue,  look  for  these  banners  to
                                                                            indicate a story about a local Veteran

                   Dr. Robert Salem
       15          The Foundation         54          Bert McWilliams             96          Elwood Freeman
                   of the "Builder"                   Born to Lead                            Ol' Texas Boy

       19          Antron Patton          59          Alvin Hollingsworth       104           Michael Mings
                                                      An Outstanding Soldier
                   New Face of the VA
                                                                                              My Dad, the Fixer
                   Wilford Naylor
       23          WWII Pilot             62          James "Jim" Smith         106           Charles Benge
                   "Broomstick Charlie"               ...and His Compatriots with Paws        Sort of a Standoff

                   Nolan Donop                        Joe Webb                                Joe Hargrove
       26          Fighting the           64                                    109
                   Fatherland in Italy                Jack-of-All-Trades Goes to Korea        Four Years, Three Ships

                                                                                              Brynn Naylor
       29          Benny Guerrero         66          Victor Astwood            112           "I Know Where I'm Going":
                                                      Training for a Lifetime
                   The Passionate Warrior
                                                                                              The Story of My Son
                   Harold Douglas                                                             Delmar Baker
       32          100-Year-Old           70          Steven Fair               114           From Trials and
                   Remembers Iwo Jima                 From a Mechanic to a Medic              Tragedy to Triumph

                                                      Bill Whorton
                   Charles Baldwin
       34          A Pilot, a Poet, and a Pleasure 74  From the South Plains
                                                      to the Korean Hills
                                                      David Edwards                   VETERANS NEWS
       38          Amos Leland Hastings   78          Supporting the Red,
                   A Lifetime of Service
                                                      White and Blue                  6    honoring those who have
                                                                                           sacrificed for us

       40          Donald Seale           80          Homer Mahan                     8    veteran appreciation
                                                      What Everyone Should Know
                   Korean War "Jarhead"
                                                                                      10   congratulations, veterans
                                                                                           & families!
       44          Gene Williams          84          Hugh McCreery                        the new Lubbock VA super
                   On the Road (or in the Air)
                                                      Semper Paratus (Always Ready)
                                                                                           clinic is now open
                                                                                           to serve you!
                                                      Jim Sexton                      12   in memoriam
       46          H.L. Futch             86          Lubbock Entrepreneur and
                   A Man of Quiet Strength
                                                      "Mr. Crime Line"                     major general edgar murphy,
                                                                                           U.S. Army, retired
                   Carl Hartman                       Dr. Patrick Pappas
       48          A Man for              90
                   All Branches (Nearly)              Searching for Meaning

       52          Charles Curtis         92          Robert Ordó�ez, M.D.
                   Hometown Hero
                                                      On Becoming a Man
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