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     Lubbock Senior Link Magazine is a quarterly publication distributed in
      Lubbock and the surrounding areas. Visit for
                   distribution maps and past editions.
      PUBLISHER                    EDITORS
      Erin Agee                    Jane Bromley                          SENIOR RESOURCES
                                   Marilyn Garrett                       36    feed seniors now
      COVER PHOTOGRAPHY                                                        good nutrition contributes to a superior quality
      Brad Agee
                                   DESIGN                                      of life for seniors
      STAFF                        Promofuse                             37    the seven words
      Jim Bromley                                  you never want to say
      Jelaine Workman                                                    51    veteran's death benefits:
      Larry Williams                                                           where government funds fall short
                                                                         57    thank a veteran with more than words
      Erin Agee, Amanda Bowman, Brig. Gen. Gary Harber (Ret.), Maj.      58    bill mulder's legacy lives on
      Gen. Walter Huffman (Ret.), Jane Bromley, Larry Williams, Cary           as we help veterans transition from active duty
      Banks, Lisa Carson, Tim Tivis, Mabry Payne, Cheryl Goforth,        71    hospice of Lubbock
      Rachelle Fulkerson, Marsheila Copeland, Carl Hartman, Laura              how "we honor veterans"
      Landes, Tekisha Thomas, U.S. Rep. Jodey Arrington, LaVila Henry,
      Sydney Wenglein, Brad Hodge, Kristi Townsen, Gayle Willson,        77    assisted living locators
      Dr.  Ronald Crossno, Gloria Paraskeva, Mary Pappas, Rachel               your local senior living advisor TM
      Bloodworth, Marc Schneider, Marilyn Garrett, Ben McCauley,
      Paul Young, Katie Crowley, Capt. Tammy Preidis, D’Ann McGuire,     82    the wisdom of seniors
      Ted and Jody Wilson, Vickie Walters, Taylor Sutton, Justice Phil   99    the joy of learning
      Johnson (Ret.), Greg Vail                                                OLLI opportunities

      ABOUT THE COVER                                                    100  introducing an innovative new treatment
                                                                               for mental health
                        Many of our featured Veterans gathered
                        with compatriots for an early morning            103  could a daily money manager
                        photo in front of Lubbock’s new VA                     be your answer?
                        Super Clinic. Immediately after, they were
                        honored at a Tribute Breakfast Banquet at
                        the Texas Tech McKenzie-Merket Alumni            BOOK REVIEW
                        Center where Chancellor and fellow
                        Veteran Dr. Tedd Mitchell and others             95    When I Was a Boy: One Year in Vietnam
                        honored them for their service.

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                                                                         116  why we love day trips
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