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unique cuisine in indoor
         and outdoor dining areas.
         The restaurant will be open
         Tuesday through Saturday
         for lunch and dinner and
         will offer special dining
         events in conjunction with
         select shows at The Buddy
         Holly Hall.

         “We can feel the buzz of
         excitement as we get closer
         and closer to opening
         The Buddy Holly Hall,”
         said Tim Collins, LEPAA
         Board Chairman. “As a
         privately funded project,
         The Hall is truly built for
         the community, by the               and Performing Arts Association      corporations and individuals, largely
         community. Every one of us should   (LEPAA), The Buddy Holly Hall        heralding from the West Texas area.
         be excited and proud of what the    is a $154 million, privately funded
         community has come together to      capital investment that will return   To support The Buddy Holly Hall
         build for each other.”              an estimated $3.7 million annually   or for information on upcoming
                                             to Lubbock’s tax revenue. To date,   entertainment and education at
         Privately owned and operated        LEPAA has received $105 million in   The Hall, visit or
         by the Lubbock Entertainment        gifts and pledges from foundations,


                                                       AND THE LUBBOCK SKYLINE
           nspired while driving down a long, straight
           stretch of road between Lubbock and Santa
        IFe, artist Paul Milosevich had a vision that
         will forever be a part of history at The Buddy
         Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences.
         “There is no telling what impact the Buddy
         Holly Hall will have, and I knew I wanted
         to be involved. The idea came to me of
         a commemorative painting,” said Paul

         “I pictured the road leading people into the
         picture. Then at the vanishing point is the
         Lubbock skyline. And then I thought about the
         Crickets being suspended up in the air.”

         Thus, the idea for “The Crickets, the Road and
         the Lubbock Skyline” was born.

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