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The road, which                                                                 Music lovers, art
         plays such a                                                                    aficionados, and fans of
         big part in a                                                                   Buddy Holly and the
         musician’s life,                                                                Crickets can own a print
         leads viewers                                                                   of this inspiring piece.
         into the picture.                                                               Limited-edition canvas
         The Lubbock                                                                     prints and posters are
         skyline sets                                                                    available for purchase
         the scene and                                                                   at
         the legendary                                                                   art. The original piece is
         musicians are the                   than Paul,” said Terry Allen in a           partially underwritten by
         focal point. The turn row suggests a   statement on www.milosevichart.  the Lubbock Osteopathic Fund, and
         plowed cotton field on the lower left   com. “In retrospect, Paul’s presence   proceeds from print sales benefit
         and the Crickets logo is on the lower   was a huge influence on the making   The Buddy Holly Hall.
         right. Buddy Holly is naturally the   of music in Lubbock, if simply by
         dominant figure and the Crickets    the people he
         are supporting actors set against a   introduced to one
         star-studded sky.                   another.”

         “Knowing J.I. Allison and Joe B.    Milosevich was
         Mauldin personally, I felt them     inducted into the
         looking over my shoulder as I       West Texas Walk
         painted,” Milosevich said.          of Fame in 1996,
                                             and the Nashville
         The original 60x60 acrylic-on-canvas   Songwriters Hall
         painting will proudly be hung       of Fame in 1992
         inside The Buddy Holly Hall.
                                             for his work on
         “I don’t think any visual artist    over 100 charcoal
         has had more of a connection to     portraits of
         the making of Lubbock music         musicians.

           LUBBOCK LANDS THE WILCZAKS                                                  by Jane Bromley

         “I would have moved here after college,   Lubbock his permanent residence. “I’m   off” of the American Niagara Falls by
         if I’d known about this place.” Those are   telling you, moving here opened my   the Army Corps of Engineers in 1969
         words from someone who was born and   eyes to people. Everyone is nice, friend-  and the construction of the famous
         raised in beautiful upstate New York   ly, and courteous.”              Grand Canyon Skywalk commissioned
         and who has lived and worked all over                                   by the Hualapai Indian tribe in Arizona.
         the world.                          After he left the comfortable atmo-
                                             sphere of North Tonawanda, NY, where   He has nothing but praise for his latest
         Rick Wilczak, VP of Design and Con-  he grew up, Rick earned a Civil Engi-  project, the Buddy Holly Hall, using
         struction for Garfield Public Private and   neering degree from Bradley University   words like “unique, versatile, for-
         Project Executive for Buddy Holly Hall   in Peoria, IL and went on to work on   ward-thinking, almost futuristic.” He
         loves West Texas. He has sold his home   engineering projects all over the world,   says the planners thought of everything
         in Las Vegas and is planning to make   including involvement in the “shutting   for the multi-use space, mentioning fea-

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