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Jerry “Bud”           Trey                              Suzie                 Brad     Heather
         Holmes                Weaver                          Stafford                Petty    Glenn

                                    Here to make
                                    Here to make


         Leah                                                                                               Willie
         Cleavinger                                                                                       Martinez

                                                       H HAPPYAPPY

                       Clay                Jessica
                     Mercer                Terrell

                                                     Bryan                Mike                            Jennifer
                                                     Limmer               Jackson                          Bledsoe

                                                                    Highest Rating for
                                                                    Financial Strength
                                                                      by Bauer Financial, Inc. the
                                                                    nation’s leading bank rating firm.
                      Peter                   Jay                                                           Derek
                      Smith                House                                                         Dollahite

         Craig                 James                                     
         Wells                 Sikes
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