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         Lubbock Senior Link Magazine is a quarterly publication distributed in
         Lubbock and the surrounding areas. Visit for
                      distribution maps and past editions.

      PUBLISHER                     EDITORS                               6    it’s coming! the Buddy Holly Hall of
      Erin Agee                     Jane Bromley                               Performing Arts and Sciences
                                    Marilyn Garrett
      COVER PHOTOGRAPHY                                                        7   the Crickets, the road, and the
      Brad Agee                                                                    Lubbock skyline
      STAFF                         Promofuse Solutions                        8   Lubbock lands the Wilczaks
      Jim Bromley         
                                                                          12   something new to rave about
      Erin Agee, Michelle Stephens, Jane Bromley, Steve Moffett, Cary     14   a man of vision: Rob Allison
      C. Banks, Mikaela Forkner, Micah Vasquez, Tori Vasquez, Laura
      Landes, Randall Hinds, James Eppler, Joshua Stegall, Amie Dean,     18   guitars, pump jacks and cotton
      Sam Ayers, Karen Thetford, Laura James, Kim Davis, Jennifer Taylor,      gins: Cary C. Banks
      Dr. Hugh Wilson, Greg Goodnight, Lee Franks, Gayle Willson, Bette
      Hope, Aleisha Utterback, Jan Davis, Jan d’Orsay, Victoria Bee, Amber
      Guerrero, Abby Pelser, Katelyn Devore, Trenton McCowen, Ted and     20   a song in her heart: Carla Johnson
      Jody Wilson, Dottie Garcia, Lindsey Maestri, Nicholas Dragga, Danielle
      East, Jess Peterson                                                 22   Junior and Mickie Vasquez:

                                                                               musicians, ministers, parents
             ABOUT THE COVER
                               The quarantine lifted just in time         24   the art of preplanning
                          Summer 2020
                               for some of our featured artists
              HONORING SENIORS
                               and musicians to gather for a              25   beauty, power, and glory in a most
                               cover photo in an unfinished area               unexpected place!
                               of Lubbock’s extraordinary new
                               multipurpose event center: The
                               Buddy Holly Hall of Performing             28   William Kerns: champion of
              Celebrating the imminent opening of the Buddy Holly
              Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences                             Lubbock arts
              and the stories of a few of our area’s favorite   Arts and Sciences
              visual and performing artists  FREE Please Take One
             SUMMER 2020
        Copyright 2020 Lubbock Senior Link Magazine. All rights reserved. Every effort is made   30   Lubbock Symphony Orchestra
        to ensure the accuracy of all published material. We reserve the right to reject or edit all
          material contributed. Your letters and comments are welcomed and encouraged.
                                                                               30  the future is bright
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                (806) 441-3955                38   the caregiver experience

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                   4813 103rd St, Lubbock, TX 79424                       40   crafts on the corner: Becky Taylor
                                                                          42   Katherine McLamore: grace and

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