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36        Linda Jackson             60         W.E. Rainwater             88         Michael Walker
                                                                                             A Family Tradition of
                                                       Patriotism in the Face of
                  “Richly Blessed”
                                                       Discrimination                        Military Service
        38        Clemmie E. Payne, Jr.     66         Ken Sheppard               91         Phillip Edward Barnes
                                                       Forged by the Seabees
                  “Devil Duck”
                                                                                             The Archery Guy
                  Dr. Frank Ryburn, Jr.                                                      Ray Estill
        40        Medicine, Mazie, and a    68         Teddy Assiter              92         WWII Era Veteran/
                                                       Floydada Boy on the U.S.S. Princeton
                  Lifetime of Memories                                                       Life-long Pharmacist
                  Don Mays                                                                   Ivan Cole
        42        From a Deuce-and-a-half   70         Ewart Phillips             96         Continuing in Integrity,
                                                       Readers Are Leaders
                  to VFW Royalty                                                             Service & Excellence
        46        Jim Stewart               72         Leland Flyger              98         Colonel Gary R. Wallace
                                                                                             His Position on Defense
                                                       “Battle Fatigue” Medic
                  In A Word
        48        Terry Parr                76         Louis Schaap                     VETERANS NEWS
                  Not Much?
                                                       Acta non Verba
                                                                                        & ARTICLES
        50        Dick Hulslander           78         Buck Whitaker                    6     the Silent Wings Museum
                                                       How He Learned Patriotism
                  A Multi-level Legacy
                                                                                              honoring the glider pilot
                                                                                              legacy for 20 years
        54        Roberto Adame             80         VFW Commander Daniel Rich        8     veteran appreciation
                                                       How to Live a Rich Life
                  Living His Best Life
                  Sergeant First Class
        56        Michael Lopez             82         Harry Mayes                      19    honoring Texas Tech
                                                       Red-Blooded American
                  Born to Serve                                                               service members and
                  Sam Wall                             Joseph Dial                            veterans
        58        Vietnam Combat Veteran and  86       Four-Tour Survivor
                  Storyteller Extraordinaire           with a “Happy Heart”             20    9/11
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