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Veteran Stories

                                                                           In  this  issue,  look  for  these  banners  to
                                                                           indicate a story about a local Veteran
       Lubbock Senior Link Magazine is a quarterly publication distributed in
        Lubbock and the surrounding areas. Visit for
                     distribution maps and past editions.                      Major General
      PUBLISHER                     EDITORS                         12         Bob DuLaney
                                                                               Thank You for Your Service
      Erin Agee                     Jane Bromley                               Colonel Lou Ortiz
                                    Marilyn Garrett                 14         The Big Picture
      Brad Agee                                                     16         Colonel Paul Lockhart
                                    DESIGN                                     Big Sky, Big Dream
      STAFF                         Promofuse
      Jim Bromley                       24         Emilia Maese
                                                                               “You Are Our Sunshine!”
      Larry Williams
                                                                    26         Charlie Waters
      CONTRIBUTORS                                                             Serving His Country
      Erin Agee, Sharon McCullar, Hope Sisemore, Cheryl Goforth,               Jessie Carlton Hatchett
      Jane Bromley, Ellianna Waters, Larry Williams, Laura Landes,   28
      Tana Payne, Lisa Carson, Ron Cox, James Villanueva, Angela               “Everyone Loves Him”
      Lopez, Linda Jones, Treva Hamm, Brittnye Davis, Debora                   John R. Brown, Jr.
      Phillips, Phil Johnson, Carrie Blair, Randy Mayes, Lee Franks,   30
      Tracy Cole, Lu Henry, Barbara Mandry, Rachel Bloodworth,                 One Tough and Lucky Marine
      Vickie Walters, Bari Wenglein

      ABOUT THE COVER                                              Contents
                        Lubbock's Silent Wings Museum was a
                        fitting backdrop to a gathering of  many
                        of the 32 distinguished Veterans Senior           SENIOR RESOURCES
        Veterans Edition  Link is privileged to honor  in this issue.
        Fall 2022                                                         35   veteran's death benefits:
                        Friends and family joined them in the                  where government funds fall short
                        hangar for a Tribute Breakfast featuring
                        U.S. Congressman Jodey Arrington                  45   feed seniors now
                        and Carl Tepper, Nominee for State                53   the Alzheimer's Association
        Living History VIII
       featuring the inspiring stories of South Plains Veterans from   FREE Please Take
                        Legislature, as the keynote  speakers.            64   how to thank a veteran
       WWII to Desert Storm, from Korea to Vietnam to Afghanistan  One
      FALL 2022
                                                                          65   helping the brain help itself
       Copyright 2022 Lubbock Senior Link Magazine. All rights reserved. Every effort is made
       to ensure the accuracy of all published material. We reserve the right to reject or edit all   74   help for Texas veterans with legal needs
         material contributed. Your letters and comments are welcomed and encouraged.
                                                                          84   some commonly misunderstood elements
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                                                                          BOOK REVIEW
                           Mail inquiries to                              102  Love, Norm: Inspiration of a Jewish
                  4813 103rd St, Lubbock, TX 79424                             American Fighter Pilot
                                         103  day tripping with King's Highway

                                                                          104  remembering Flanders Fields
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