Senior Link - Video Journaling


Senior Link staff will come to interview you or your loved one on camera.

Package includes:

  • Two hours of interview footage
  • Professionally edited video ‐ including the insertion of photos to bring stories to life
  • Permanent availability on a private web site (with Facebook style comments and replies toward stories)
  • DVD's to provide as gifts
Promotional Video
Video courtesy of Torico Price

Everyone has a story but sometimes life takes someone we love before they have time to tell it. This year, my family lost six family members in eight months. We would love to be able to remember each of them in their own words. At the age of 86, I am so pleased that I have prepared some of my story to leave my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It was a very enjoyable experience to talk about my life and my memories and have them recorded for future generations. I would recommend it to every family. (It would make a great Christmas gift.)

Give the gift that will last a lifetime